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Celebrating 15 years of innovation

The Tateside journey in transforming spaces with AV and IT expertise

London, December 2023 – Tateside, a pioneering provider of audio-visual and IT services, is proudly marking 15 years of operations. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has remained committed to delivering unparalleled technological solutions with a client-centric approach.

tateside team in 2008

Global recession brings opportunity to Tateside

In 2008, amid the challenges of a global recession, Tateside emerged out of a conversation among the co-founders, Andy Sullivan, Graham Agambar and Richard Day, who were all previously employed by Astro Communications, based in Kent. The trio recognised an opportunity to deliver fully managed services encompassing telecommunications, networks and audio-visual solutions. Their inaugural client, Time Inc. (formerly IPC Media), entrusted Tateside with a comprehensive service contract, marking the beginning of the young company’s success story.

Based at the iconic Blue Fin Building, nestled behind the Tate Modern on Bankside, Time Inc.’s offices were the focal point of Tateside’s early operations. Under the direction of Andy, Graham and Richard, the team managed an extensive technology infrastructure, from data centres to meeting spaces and a striking 40-metre LED wall throughout the 3000+ employee-occupied building. This experience paved the way for Tateside’s expansion into the audio-visual market, capitalising on its expertise in IP-based networks.

tateside team growth

Expansion into AV

“We embarked on this journey to provide the very best in audio-visual and IT services. It’s an incredible feeling to celebrate 15 years of realising that vision,” says Andy Sullivan, Co-Founder at Tateside. “Following our work at Time Inc., we wanted to break away from servicing just one client and offer other services to new clients, therefore we needed to expand the team. This was when Jack Cornish came on board as a Junior Technician. Today, Jack is our Technical Director.”

Over the years, and with the expansion of the team, Tateside experienced exponential growth, fuelled by long-standing relationships with high-profile clients such as Discovery Europe, Selfridges, Soho House Group, University of the Arts London, Mercedes F1 and WeWork. It’s reputation flourished through word-of-mouth recommendations and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

soho house brighton martin audio sound system


“Milestones in our journey so far include purchasing our Tower Hill headquarters, building a dedicated support team, working on several multi-national projects and forming our Managed Services and IT divisions,” explains Sullivan. “We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a one-stop technology provider and we continue to find ways to offer all we can in terms of AV solutions.”

Looking to the future, Tateside remains steadfast in its commitment to expansion and innovation. Despite the challenging business landscape, the company seeks to reach new clients with its turnkey services, attract fresh talent and provide the necessary tools for the continued growth and success of its existing team, which now numbers 23 employees, with a total of 18 in the AV department and five in the IT division.

“Our business was born in a recession, so the current climate does not phase us,” says Graham Agambar, Co-Founder at Tateside. “If anything, we have found demand for our services to be higher than ever.”

university of the arts collaboration spaces

Company culture at Tateside

Continued emphasis on fostering a team environment and supporting, rewarding and investing in staff has been a cornerstone of Tateside’s company culture and a key component of its success. “We have grown the Tateside brand over the last 15 years by offering a high level of customer relationships while maintaining a high level of staff retention,” adds Sullivan. “Without a happy workplace and true team ethic, this is near impossible.”

Reflecting on the past 15 years, Co-Founder Richard Day remarks “Personally, I am very humbled and love walking into a busy office with lots of different projects being discussed. I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me we would be where we are today when we first started. It’s been hard work, but our fantastic clients and team have allowed us to grow.”

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