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Casa Do Frango

A sound system to enhance the customer dining experience

Do you know Piri Piri Chicken? Nando’s, yeah? Meet the new chicken masters in town, Casa Do Frango, offering authentic Algarvian cooking techniques, flavour, and an insane sound system experience. Familiar and comfortable, the restaurant fit-outs hint at a rustic style reminiscent of their Algarvian roots. Informal yet timeless, they have a charm that evokes the nostalgia of summer.

With four London sites, We have been fortunate enough to work on the four most recent MJMK Dining Group classics. 

sound system in Casa Do Frango London Retaurant

DJ-quality sound system

We met Jake Kasumov (Co-Founder of MJMK Dining Group) several years back through a mutual connection in the live music world. Before the restaurants, Jake co-founded MJMK events and was responsible for hosting incredible House and Techno nights across London and the Day Zero festival. So, it’s fair to say he had a real passion for music and audio quality. Casa Do Frango asked us to provide a sound system and solution more in keeping with their brand and aspirations (after they experienced a poor install in their first-ever restaurant).

A system to fit all environments

Shoreditch was the first site where we could design a distributed system utilising the Martin Audio A55 speakers coupled with SX110 subwoofers to provide a natural, warm low end to the space to hint towards the warm, nostalgic summer feeling the brand creates. The restaurant has three levels: a bar level, a restaurant and a WC area. Bose Powershare amplifiers are used with a Bose CSP processor, giving the staff control via physical controllers and iPad apps. The CSP and Powershare system also provides the unique ‘Smart Bass Processing’ expanding performance and response at any listening level. 

sound system in London restaurant Casa Do Frango.

Standardisation across all sites

The success of the first site meant Casa Do Frango invited us to design and install the next sound system for the Heddon Street / Piccadilly site, using the same speaker choice to create a brand standard. The site is more significant, with a ground-floor dining area, PDRs in the basement, and the Green Room Speak Easy Bar, complete with DJ inputs and a more performance-friendly system for private hire events. 

Go bigger…

The most recent opening in Victoria’s Nova development saw a similar system spec, but much higher ceilings led to larger speakers. An outdoor terrace area was added after the project was completed, and with a lack of cable infrastructure, we were able to use POE Dante-enabled amplifiers mounted in IP-rated boxes to distribute a new zone from the comms rack, ensuring output could be limited and the same music server shared across all zones of the restaurant in complete sync.

Are you looking to standardise your audio quality across multiple sites? We’ve got you covered. Contact us!

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